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Hello everyone!
1 The day of our departure is quickly drawing near. In a month, we’ll be on our way to BC. To be more precise, we’ll be departing on the morning of June 26th. We have many things to do and think about, but we are excited about the adventure awaiting us.

2 The months of April and May have been organized around our trip to Kelowna, but I have had the opportunity to help the church in Sherbrooke through the missional group and have preached at Lac Mégantic as well as in Quebec City (Evangel). I have also taught a training session at Joël and Hannah Dumaine’s church in Sainte-Julie with regards to small groups. It was a pleasure to visit these brothers and sisters. I will keep on counseling, training disciples and performing church visits from now until the end of June.

3 At the family level, Hélène has completed her English teaching baccalaureate with honors, and is now substitute teaching in the region’s elementary schools. David is completing secondary school and Jacob is completing elementary school, so I have three graduates in the house.

4 We are in clearance mode of everything we have in the house. We have sold a car, a tent trailer, a four-wheeler, etc. We must empty the house by the end of June and I must do some renovations on the house before we leave.
5 On June 21st, we’ll be having a party open to all starting at 1 p.m. until later in the evening, ending with a bonfire. In the afternoon, we’ll have some volleyball, some hiking and a four-wheeler ride for the children. For supper, each will bring his or her own picnic and we will provide the BBQ. In the evening, we will have a band and a bonfire. All this will take place at our home in Tingwick. You are all welcome to come!

6 In regards to the ComJésus team, we had a meeting in Mont-Tremblant with Étienne and Jacinthe from the team, as well as their pastor Jacques Telmosse. This was a great time for my family to connect with them and also to answer some questions about our mission in Kelowna.

7 In May, we had two team training and building sessions in Tingwick at my parents’ cabin, as well as one for the Sherbrooke missional group on May 3rd, and another on May 10th with the ComJésus team. These were two extraordinary days. We had the chance of hearing testimonies and doing activities, which tightened the bonds among the people in the groups. I am really blessed to work with these people. They are passionate for God and are ready for much in order to see people come to Christ.

8 The young people on our team will be joining us early September with a minivan and a trailer. They will be living quite an adventure on the road over the 4,600 kilometers between Montreal and Kelowna. They have received a free trailer, so we are now praying for a free minivan. Jean-David is planning an itinerary over a four-day period with stops to visit missionaries. It’s really fun to watch them get organized. They are an energetic team full of potential.

9 Our mission is to go connect with French speakers in their activities and establish contacts in order to bring the gospel and train disciples. We already have a French speaking contact in Kelowna, which will allow us to speed up our mission. We will also be working with Emmanuel Church in West Kelowna, which has been supporting us for over ten years. They are family to us and we are anxious to see them.

10 This summer, my family and I will be preparing ground for the team and the facilities so they can live there. We will have the opportunity to be in contact with many Quebeckers who will be visiting the valley and picking up fruit.

11 Prayer requests for this month are: energy and help in order to prepare everything before our departure, a minivan for the team, direction and the Holy Spirit’s power in order to connect with those who are without Jesus and for God to provide our every need as well as the needs of our team.

12 My next newsletter will be in July after our arrival in Kelowna. You may follow our trip on our Facebook page. Here are some pictures of our teams during our times of team building.

13 You may follow me on my Facebook page or on that of ComJésus. You may also visit or write to me at Know that each of your encouragements is greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything!
May God accompany you on your path in your dreams and your plans!

Benoit Marcoux
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Director and pastor of the ComJésus project

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