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Hello everyone!

March 25th, 2014

1 Wow! What’s happening is very exciting. I would like to start by thanking God for his great goodness and his incredible ideas. I don’t exactly know what God is currently doing, but everywhere I go, I hear and see God’s blessing. I also want to thank all those who support me spiritually, morally, and financially. You really are great and it is a delight to rub shoulders with you.

2 I’ll give you a short summary to begin with. First, I left my pastoral position in Victoriaville in August 2013 to start planting an organic church, which is called ComJésus, with an office in Longueuil. In January, we joined forces with the church in Sherbrooke and have made the decision to go to British Columbia for a year. After that, I moved my office to Sherbrooke to help the church initiate small groups. Since then, I have been the missional pastor of this church in addition to continuing to develop ComJésus. I am giving you this short update because many have a hard time following me, and with reason.

3 Many things have taken place within a month. First, on a family level, Hélène is completing her internship on March 31st with unbelievable honors as far as the quality of her teaching goes. Her associate professor and her university internship evaluator are speechless in sight of her performance, so much that her professor told her she had nothing to say. On top of that, she has won the education excellence award, which will be celebrated at the university on April 9th with the senior officers. I am really proud of my wife. She is great. She will be starting to substitute in April until our departure in June. We celebrated her 40th birthday in early March.

4 My two teenagers are doing well and are anxious to leave for BC. David is working at the convenience store in town and is involved in Sunday School at our church. He wants to sign up for Youth With A Mission in Kelowna. Jacob continues to bring us much joy with his teasing character and his heart full of love. I am proud of my guys. They are moving forward in the right direction and will become great men of God.

5 As for me, I am very busy. Those who know me well are obviously very surprised. Right! The highlights for the month of March have been the completion of the corrections and classes at IBQ, preparing the house for rent, working a day a week in Sherbrooke for the small missional group, taking care of administrative tasks, meeting people in various places for the ComJésus project as well as reading several works about organic churches.

6 I am very blessed with the job that I have, I love my new life and the people I meet. I also work as the missional pastor at the Carrefour Chrétien de l’Estrie and really enjoy working with pastor Freddy Bopaka. He is just great! During the past few weeks, still more leaders have offered me incredible opportunities. I am anxious to see what God is going to do!

7 I was recently writing on Facebook that I was looking for a house to rent in Kelowna and I have made a discovery, which was a blessing. There is a Québécoise who has lived in Kelowna for the past 10 years and works to reach out to the French speaking community. She had been praying for some help and I was in need of someone In Kelowna to establish some French-speaking contacts. So we spoke and discovered to our great surprise that we have known each other since 1994. She is very involved in the environment and is friends with my son’s school’s director and his assistant. Also, I have applied for the counseling position at this school. I am astounded to see how things are coming together! God is great!

8 As for the ComJésus team, we were supposed to have a training meeting in March, but most of us are very busy with Formation Jeunesse. Therefore, we have postponed the team preparation for our mission to the months of May and June. In April, I will be meeting a few of these young people’s pastors. I love working with them and am anxious to accomplish this mission with them.

9 As you can see, many things are taking place. We have also found a good renter for our house and have bought a 2004 Honda van for the trip to B.C. There are many other things going on, but I will tell you about them in my next letter.
10 You can follow me on my own Facebook page as well as that of ComJésus. You may also visit My email address is
Know that each of your encouragements through prayer and finances is very much appreciated. Thanks for everything!
May God accompany you on your path in your dreams and your projects!

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ComJésus project director and pastor

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